The Container Tour

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Oh Glad day!!

Gladiolus always make me happy!  Here are a few shots from my garden. I’ve noticed fewer are coming back each year.  I’m not sure if it is the all the water we got when they started coming up or if the squirrels got them.  I’ll have to figure it out.  If I don’t see my…

The Vegetable Trug Diaster Part 3

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The Moonflower Planter update

Remember that video I posted Saturday? I believe I created that planter Memorial Day weekend. Here’s that planter now. I used a bamboo trellis for the Moonflower vine. I love the fact that the Wave petunia is starting to trail.

The Moonflower planter

Plant List Wave Petunia Silver Lanai White Verbena Archangel white angelonia Diamond Frost Euphorbia Tango white Geranium (I incorrectly stated 21st Century White) Moonflower Dusty Miller