Peony Plans and Planting Guide

I unbox peonies I purchased from Van Engelen and describe my vision for the Promenade Garden. I also cover how to plant and transplant/divide peonies without setting back their blooms. November 19, 2021 Garden Party Podcast P Peonies Featured: Primavera Top Brass Sorbet Lancaster Imperial Krinkled White

Fall is For Planting Perennials

Flowers featured in this video: Tutti Fruittie Agastache Ruffled Swan Japanese Anemone Lady in Black Aster Raydon’s Favorite Aster Polar Bear Zinnia Double Scoop “Cranberry” Echinacea Splash Intense Chrysanthemum Tangerine Tree Pow-wow White Echinacea Russell Hybrid Lupine Hot Biscuits Amaranth Coral Charm Peony Hawaiian Pink Peony Feeling Green Chrysanthemum Red Cushion mum Bartzella Itoh Peony…