The Container Tour

Garden’s featured Prayer Garden Moon Garden Rose Garden Plant List Front stair planter Sweet Potato Vine Lantana Supertunia Lemoncello Urn Planters Snapdragon Coleus Freesia Lemon Slice Superbell Moon Garden Planter 1 Moon Garden Planter 2 Moonflower Planter. Moonflower Geranium Dusty Miller Opal Innocence Nemesia Diamond Frost Euphorbia Polka Dot plant Wave Petunia Silver Angelonia

The Drip Tube Fiasco

This is why you must be properly caffeinated when reading directions. Plants featured in this video: Lemon Slice Superbell Yellow snapdragons Freesia Coleus Mister Landscaper 1/2″ irrigation tube 1/4″ drip tubing 1 gallon emitter 2 gallon emitter 25 psi pressure regulator

Purple Passion

I removed the pansies from the front railing planter and replaced it with Supertunia Bordeaux and Superbell Grape Punch. Both plants get huge. I can’t wait for it to start trailing.

The Yellow planter

This is the first real planter that I’ve done. These are plastic urns from Lowe’s. I followed the thriller, spiller, filler rule for arranging planter. The thriller plants are freesia and snapdragon. The filler is coleus. The spiller is superbell lemon slice. I got all of the plants from Lowe’s.