Decorating a house by Brooke

When it comes to decorating one’s house, I don’t believe in rules.  Your house should be a reflection of you.  It should make you happy.  For that reason, I rarely pay attention to the house trends.   

While ignoring the trends definitely gives me the look and feel that I want, it is typically more expensive because everything ends up being custom.  

I have been told by any number of people that I am good at decorating because I am artistic.  I guess I am.  I don’t really think of myself that way, but perhaps they have a point.  

Anyway, I’ve had people tell me that “They would have never thought to do that” when it comes to decorating, so I thought I would walk you through my though process in decorating my house.  

  1. What is my decorating style?

As I mentioned in a previous post, my house was built in 1840, so that’s early Victorian.  However, I am not doing the house entirely in early Victorian style.  Over the 180 years of its existence I’m sure this house has been redone many times in many styles- Victorian, high Victorian, Art Deco, art nouveau, Gothic, mid-century, etc.  Pieces would have been acquired slowly over time.  So I’m taking a blending approach.  There will be a lot of Victorian furniture; some European, and early 20th century furniture.  I’ll be arranging things as they appeal to me.  

  1. Do I have a color scheme?

I do have a color scheme.  There is one scheme for the 1st floor and a different scheme for the upper floors.  The first floor color scheme is pink, yellow, and green.  With the second (and eventually third floor), I am taking a B & B approach.  Each bedroom will have it’s own theme.  I gave the bedrooms names, but I’ve already changed 3 of the names.  My bedroom was called Anemone Avenue; I’ve changed it to the Wedgewood.  The first guest room was Peony Place; I’ve changed it to Terracotta Terrace.  The second guest room is Lavender Lounge.  The 3rd guest room had the names Rose Room and then Shamrock Shack; but now I’ve decided on Peacock Palace.  

  1. How did I decide on a color scheme?

For the downstairs, I found a lovely William Morris wallpaper that I liked; it had pink, yellow, and green.  I matched paint swatches to the color.  The Wedgewood is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Porcelain Glaze because it is almost identical to the Wedgewood blue Jaspware pottery piece that I own.  Terracotta Terrace is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Rust.  The inspiration was a duvet that I purchased from Spoonflower.  The fabric design is called Edwardian Parrot.  Lavender Lounge will be painted some shade of purple; I’ll know better once my fabric swatches have arrived.  I’m going with an art nouveau theme in that room.  Finally, Peacock Palace will be teal, but I have started decorating that yet.  

Anyway, this is how I started the decorating process.  What process do you use for decorating your home?


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