Plant Trials Year 1: first set of seeds
Envy Zinnia Seeds
Zahara® Starlight Rose Zinnia Seeds
Zinnia Profusion Double Deep Salmon Seeds
Munstead Lavender Seeds 1
Zinnia Queen Lime with Blotch
Cosmos Apricot Lemonade 2
Delphina Dark Blue White Bee Delphinium
Lovers’ Mix Organic Larkspur Seeds
Fama Deep Blue Pincushion Flower
Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy Seeds
Poppy Raspberry Ripple
Black Eyed Susan Vine White Black Eye
Blushing Susie Black-Eyed Susan Vine
Green Twister Coneflower
Magic Fountains Cherry Blossom
Magic Fountains Dark Blue/White Bee
Amazing Grey Shirley Poppy
Nimbus Sweet Pea
Turquoise Lagoon
Mollie Rilsetone
Banana Custard Verbascum
Silver Lining Verbascum
Queen Lime Orange
Queen Red Lim
Zinderella White
Zinderella Purple
Zinderella Peach
Zinderella Lilac
Southern charm Verbascum
Oxford and Cambridge
Route 66
Echo champagne Lisianthus
Lilac Pompom Poppy
Ellagance Pink Lavener
High Scent Sweet Pea
Black Swan Poppy
Hungarian Blue Poppy
Peony Poppy
Scarlet Flax Seeds
Black Peony Poppy
Polka Dot mixed Cornflower
Orange Shervert Carnation
Pink Surprise Calendula
Bellflower Superba
Mother of Pearl Poppy
Wild Bergamot
Salmon Larkspur – 100 Seeds
Double Take Columbine
Marshmallow – 25 Seeds

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