Plant Dossier: Queen of Sweden

Type: Rose

Root: grafted

Class: English shrub

Habit: well behaved

Size: moderate (4 x 4). The tag says it will get 5 feet high, but it appears to be staying on the smaller side.

Fragrance: mild rose. I had to put my nose right up to it to smell anything.

Fertilizer: heavy feeder. You’ll need to use liquid fertilizer every week to two weeks. If you use granular fertilizer, fertilize once a month with a shot of liquid fertilizer 2 weeks in.

Water: thirsty. These roses were bred in England’s milder climate. In our hotter weather, they need a lot of water when it gets in the 80’s. They will wilt when they need water.

Disease: very good. NJ is hot and humid. Roses get black spot often. The plant might shed its leaves but it bounces back quickly. You will need to spray regularly.

Blooms: cup shaped. They do not handle rain well. A good rain storm will make the petals fall off. Also the blooms don’t last more than a few days.

Sun: I grow it in full sun.

Color: light pink during not weather. The color is deeper in the cool of spring and fall.

I love this one! It’s easy to grow. I believe planted it two years ago. It has had minimal die back in winter. When planting this, I bury the bud union under the soil rather than above the soil line per the instructions.